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Celebrating over 40 years as Italy's top luxury travel experts.

Our Team

Fabio F. Travel Designer
Sonia V. Travel Designer
Deborah B. Operative Department
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Your Personal Travel Designer

Located in Venice, Your Custom Journey is a highly esteemed luxury tour operator that guarantees unique services.


Because our designers, concierges, and local guides simply love what they do.

All our itineraries are tailor-made and delivered by an experienced and professional team of 20 staff members.

Our Travel Designers, those who personally craft your itineraries, are individuals with vast experience and, most importantly, they are avid travelers themselves. Our insight and knowledge is second to none and always up-to-date.

They couldn’t create a customized itinerary for you unless they had personally experienced the destination.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create tailor-made itineraries that give you the opportunity to experience a customized journey filled with unforgettable and life-enriching moments and incredible unique experiences in our beautiful country.

A unique experience so personal and meaningful that you will remember it forever.


Everything started in the late ’70s; Daniele was managing a hotel in Jesolo, a beautiful beach town near Venice, along with his family at that time.

One day an American journalist, coming from the nearby US. Air base in Aviano, asked him information regarding the places where the writer Hemingway spent his time during the World War I, with the disbelief of the moment, His father started to speak with the journalist.

The day after Daniele’s father took him to the places where Hemingway spent his time, when they returned back home the journalist was very excited and happy of the wonderful day he just had, overall for the chance he had to speak with the local people who were telling him anecdotes and particular stories about the writer.

In that specific moment Daniele understood what the key was to offer the traveler new and unique experiences of travel. It is from that moment that Daniel begun his Journey into the world of Tourism, especially of the experiential and storytelling travels.

This journey has been a tremendous success, leading him to create his masterpiece, ‘Your Custom Journey,’ the pinnacle of Daniele’s bespoke offerings, along with his family and entire staff.

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